Homoeopathic Potentised Medicine (Dilutions)
Homoeopathic Potentised Medicines (Dilutions) are safe to use medicines. These are dispensed as the sub-molecular as well as highly dilute remedies, which have been tested as per H.P.I. and are provided with high potencies. 
Mother Tincture
Mother tincture is popular as a homeopathic drug preparation. It is regularly prescribed for the treatment of several ailments such as stomach pain, skin problems, high blood pressure, sedation, fever and muscular problems. 
Biochemic Medicine
Biochemic Medicines are used for the treatment of colds, cough, sinusitis, hay fever, allergies, depression and anxiety. The medicines are also useful for the medication of muscle aches as well as pains.
Homoeopathic Trituration
Homoeopathic Trituration is needed for the organic chemistry. It is attained by the purification of crude chemical compounds. It is provided in accurate composition and works as a highly versatile by-product used in homeopathy. 
Homoeopathic Combination Preparation
Homoeopathic Combination Preparations are provided with high shelf life. These are suited for making different homeopathic medicines and are accessible with safe use. The medicines are of great purity and effectiveness. 
50 Millesimal Potencies
50 Millesimal Potencies can be used in several medicines. These medicines have high effectiveness and boast of high purity. They are packaged in safe packaging so as to retain their medicinal value.  
Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicines are the safe and effective medicines. These are free from impurities and are provided with accurate composition and extended shelf life. Offered are prescribed by the Ayurveda practitioners for the treatment of constipation. 
Homoeopathic Ointments And Gels
Homoeopathic Ointments And Gels are made for the effective topical treatment on various body parts. These creams and gels assist in the prevention of acne formation. The said medicinal formulations are made to treat pain, swelling and inflammation.

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