Company Brief

We are one of the most trusted, dependable and leading manufacturer of Homeopathic and Biochemic Medicines. We are dedicated to serve mankind by the quality and efficacy of our medicines. As regard quality and efficacy. Our medicines are manufactured on a modern, well equipped GMP & ISO certified manufacturing Unit approved by the Govt. of W.B. Our product includes Dilutions, Mother Tinctures, Biochemic Medicines, Oral Combination (patent), ointments and 50 Millesimal Potencies. We are also maintaining high standard packing, Computerized Labeling and Security Hologram to maintain our genuine credibility. 

Fabricated using A-grade raw materials, our products are a step above those offered by our competitors. The formulations we offer are tried and tested and have lasting effects on the human body. Owing to our committed efforts and our dedicated approach, we have won the trust of our clients spread throughout the globe.

With the increasing number of ailments going on in the industry, one requires a reliable set of medications which would not affect/harm the human body in any manner while eradicating the health issue out of your body in a unique manner. From fever and upset stomach to bronchitis and asthma, with the advancement in technology, one can find a cure for any ailment. Being 100 per cent natural in nature, we use the most unique raw ingredients for our production process, so as to make sure that our patron gets nothing but a first-class range of pharmaceutical drugs, that to at economical prices. 

Our History

Our company started under the name of Sett Dey & Co. in the year 1919-20, with an aim to provide mankind with the best homeopathic medicines. We imported homeopathic medicines from Boeric & Trafel Inc., USA, one of the largest and the best supplier of homeopathic medicines.

It was due to the increase in cost and the unavailability of imported medicines that we started our own manufacturing unit in the year 1998. to fulfill the need of the people. We provide the best quality homeopathic medicines at the most competitive prices.

Products We Offer

Sett Dey & Co. (Homoeo) Lab offers a gamut of homeopathic and biochemical medicines to cure various ailments. Some of the products offered by us include the following:

  • Potentised Medicine (Dilutions)
  • Mother Tincture
  • Biochemic Medicine
  • Millesimal Potencies
  • Homoeo Trituration
  • Alfalfa- Health Tonic
  • Livoral- Liver Tonic
  • Basaka- Cough Syrup
  • Castroral- Syrup for Acidity and Indigestion
  • Baby Grow- Baby Tonic
  • Brainoral- Syrup for Sound Mind & Healthy Body
  • Mensoral-Syrup to Cure Irregular Menses
  • Vigatol- Nervine Tonic for Men
  • Kalmegh Drops- For Liver Disorders
  • Fevoral- For Fever
  • Sugar Cure- For Control of Blood Sugar
  • Cardoral- Heart Drop

Quality Assurance

Quality is of paramount importance to our company, and is something which is always upheld under all circumstances. As a company dedicated to the manufacture of medicines, proper hygiene is maintained at the company premises. The manufacturing and packaging process is fully automated, thereby negating all possibilities of any contamination.

We have an in-house well equipped quality test division, which is fully computerized. Here the raw materials as well as the finished products are tested thoroughly as per H.P.I. to ensure high standards of quality. The final produce is tested on all the requisite parameters, and is only then dispatched for sale in the market. International standards of quality are upheld at all stages including manufacturing and packaging. The bottles are labeled with the date of manufacture and expiry for the benefit of the end user.

Infrastructural Facility

A well laid out infrastructural facility is a boon for Sett Dey &Co. (Homoeo) Lab. and has been instrumental in writing its success. We have state-of-the-art machines and equipments to carry out a smooth production of goods. A fully automated process ensures maximum hygiene of the medicines.

Our staff comprises of some of the most experienced doctors, who have been practicing homeopathy for many years. They research extensively to come up with new and improved formulations to combat many ailments with ease. The bulk stock is stored under controlled conditions, to increase their shelf life.

Warehousing and Packaging

It is very important for a company to understand the fact that quality is the ultimate factor for which a client would buy their products. We completely understand this point, which is why our establishment takes every measure possible so as to make sure that the client gets Potentised Medicine (Dilutions), Mother Tincture, Biochemic Medicine, Millesimal Potencies and other such medicines having an unparalleled quality factor. Supported by a trusted packaging facility, our experts use the best of materials to wrap these goods, thus minimizing the chances of leakages to zero. The warehousing unit on the other hand, helps in storage purposes, thus allowing each homeopathic medication to maintain their qualitative edge at all times.

"We are dealing in bulk order."

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