50 Millesimal Potencies

In comparison to others, the 50 Millesimal Potencies has got great advantages and thus is widely used in homeopathy and other steams of medicines. This is safe for the treatment of hypersensitive persons and can hasten the curing process. The advantages include minimum homoeopathic aggravation, quick cure of chronic diseases, frequent repetition permissible and others. This is highly effective for treating the skin and mental diseases. Offered potencies can affect the cure easily without slightest exacerbation. 50 Millesimal Potencies, exported, supplied and manufactured by Sett Dey & Co. (HOMOEO) Lab is suited to be used under the most deplorable cases and can do away with the dangerous as well as violent aggravation. Offered remedy can frequently repeated in both acute as well as chronic diseases.

"We are dealing in bulk order."
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